Name Terms in parliament State Year
Judith Adams Senator for Western Australia, 2005–2012 WA 2005
Lyn Allison Senator for Victoria, 1996–2008 VIC 1996
Anne Aly MP Member for Cowan (WA), 2016– WA 2016
The Hon. Karen Andrews MP Member for McPherson (Qld), 2010– QLD 2010
The Hon. Fran Bailey Member for McEwen (Vic.), 1990–1993 Member for McEwen (Vic.), 1996–2010 VIC 1990
Julia Banks MP Member for Chisholm (Vic), 2016– VIC 2016
Senator Catryna Bilyk Senator for Tasmania, 2008– TAS 2008
The Hon. Sharon Bird MP Member for Cunningham (NSW), 2004– NSW 2004
The Hon. Bronwyn Bishop Senator for New South Wales, 1987–1994 Member for Mackellar (NSW), 1994–2016 NSW 1987
The Hon. Julie Bishop MP Member for Curtin (WA), 1998– WA 1998
Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen Senator for Queensland, 1981–1993 QLD 1981
Doris Blackburn Member for Bourke (Vic.), 1946–1949 VIC 1946
Vicki Bourne Senator for New South Wales, 1990–2002 NSW 1990
Sue Boyce Senator for Queensland, 2007–2014 QLD 2007
Dame Marie Breen Senator for Victoria, 1962–1968 VIC 1962
Gai Brodtmann MP Member for Canberra (ACT), 2010– ACT 2010
Senator Carol Brown Senator for Tasmania, 2005– TAS 2005
Kay Brownbill Member for Kingston (SA), 1966–1969 SA 1966
Anna Burke Member for Chisholm (Vic.), 1998–2016 VIC 1998
The Hon. Linda Burney MP Member for Barton (NSW), 2016– NSW 2016
Terri Butler MP Member for Griffith (Qld), 2014– QLD 2014
Dame Nancy Buttfield Senator for South Australia, 1955–1965 Senator for South Australia, 1968–1974 SA 1955
Jodie Campbell Member for Bass (Tas.), 2007–2010 TAS 2007
Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash Senator for Western Australia, 2008– WA 2008
Christabel Chamarette Senator for Western Australia, 1992–1996 WA 1992
Lisa Chesters MP Member for Bendigo (Vic), 2013– VIC 2013
The Hon. Joan Child Member for Henty (Vic.), 1974–1975 Member for Henty (Vic.), 1980–1990 VIC 1974
Sharon Claydon MP Member for Newcastle (NSW), 2013– NSW 2013
Ruth Coleman Senator for Western Australia, 1974–1987 WA 1974
Senator the Hon. Jacinta Collins Senator for Victoria, 1995–2005 Senator for Victoria, 2008– VIC 1995
The Hon. Julie Collins MP Member for Franklin (Tas.), 2007– TAS 2007
The Hon. Helen Coonan Senator for New South Wales, 1996–2011 NSW 1996
Ann Corcoran Member for Isaacs (Vic.), 2000–2007 VIC 2000
The Hon. Mary Crawford Member for Forde (Qld), 1987–1996 QLD 1987
The Hon. Janice Crosio Member for Prospect (NSW), 1990–2004 NSW 1990
Trish Crossin Senator for the Northern Territory, 1998–2013 NT 1998
The Hon. Dr Rosemary Crowley Senator for South Australia, 1983–2002 SA 1983
Elaine Darling Member for Lilley (Qld), 1980–1993 QLD 1980
Margaret Deahm Member for Macquarie (NSW), 1993–1996 NSW 1993
Kay Denman Senator for Tasmania, 1993–2005 TAS 1993
Trish Draper Member for Makin (SA), 1996–2007 SA 1996
Irina Dunn Senator for New South Wales, 1988–1990 NSW 1988
The Hon. Yvette D’Ath Member for Petrie (Qld), 2007–2013 QLD 2007
Mary Easson Member for Lowe (NSW), 1993–1996 NSW 1993
The Hon. Justine Elliot MP Member for Richmond (NSW), 2004– NSW 2004
Annette Ellis Member for Namadgi (ACT) and Canberra (ACT), 1996–2010 ACT 1996
The Hon. Kate Ellis MP Member for Adelaide (SA), 2004– SA 2004
Kay Elson Member for Forde (Qld), 1996–2007 QLD 1996
Senator Mehreen Faruqi Senator for New South Wales, 2018– NSW 2018
The Hon. Wendy Fatin Member for Canning (WA) and Brand (WA), 1983–1996 WA 1983
Jeannie Ferris Senator for South Australia, 1996–2007 SA 1996
Senator the Hon. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells Senator for New South Wales, 2005– NSW 2005
Mary Jo Fisher Senator for South Australia, 2007–2012 SA 2007
Nicolle Flint MP Member for Boothby (SA), 2016– SA 2016
Katy Gallagher Senator for the Australian Capital Territory, 2015–2018 ACT 2015
The Hon. Christine Gallus Member for Hawker (SA) and Hindmarsh (SA), 1990–2004 SA 1990
The Hon. Teresa Gambaro Member for Petrie (Qld), 1996–2007 Member for Brisbane (Qld), 2010–2016 QLD 1996
Joanna Gash Member for Gilmore (NSW), 1996–2013 NSW 1996
Jennie George Member for Throsby (NSW), 2001–2010 NSW 2001
Jane Gerick Member for Canning (WA), 1998–2001 WA 1998
Brenda Gibbs Senator for Queensland, 1996–2002 QLD 1996
Senator Lucy Gichuhi Senator for South Australia, 2017– SA 2017
Patricia Giles Senator for Western Australia, 1981–1993 WA 1981
The Hon. Julia Gillard Member for Lalor (Vic.), 1998–2013 VIC 1998
Elizabeth Grace Member for Lilley (Qld), 1996–1998 QLD 1996
Sharon Grierson Member for Newcastle (NSW), 2001–2013 NSW 2001
Natasha Griggs Member for Solomon (NT), 2010–2016 NT 2010
The Hon. Dame Margaret Guilfoyle Senator for Victoria, 1971–1987 VIC 1971
Janine Haines Senator for South Australia, 1977–1978 Senator for South Australia, 1981–1990 SA 1977
Jill Hall Member for Shortland (NSW), 1998–2016 NSW 1998
Senator Pauline Hanson Member for Oxley (Qld), 1996–1998 Senator for Queensland, 2016– QLD 1996
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Senator for South Australia, 2008– SA 2008
Elizabeth Harvey Member for Hawker (SA), 1987–1990 SA 1987
Jean Hearn Senator for Tasmania, 1980–1985 TAS 1980
Sarah Henderson MP Member for Corangamite (Vic), 2013– VIC 2013
Marjorie Henzell Member for Capricornia (Qld), 1993–1996 QLD 1993
Kelly Hoare Member for Charlton (NSW), 1998–2007 NSW 1998
Kay Hull Member for Member for Riverina (NSW), 1998–2010 NSW 1998
Senator Jane Hume Senator for Victoria, 2016– VIC 2016
Annette Hurley Senator for South Australia, 2005–2011 SA 2005
Emma Husar MP Member for Lindsay (NSW), 2016– NSW 2016
Julia Irwin Member for Fowler (NSW), 1998–2010 NSW 1998
Sharryn Jackson Member for Hasluck (WA), 2001–2004 Member for Hasluck (WA), 2007–2010 WA 2001
Carolyn Jakobsen Member for Cowan (WA), 1984–1993 WA 1984
Susan Jeanes Member for Kingston (SA), 1996–1998 SA 1996
Jean Jenkins Senator for Western Australia, 1987–1990 WA 1987
Ricky Johnston Member for Canning (WA), 1996–1998 WA 1996
Skye Kakoschke-Moore Senator for South Australia, 2016–2017 SA 2016
Ged Kearney MP Member for Batman (Vic), 2018– VIC 2018
Justine Keay MP Member for Braddon (Tas), 2016–2018 Member for Braddon (Tas), 2018– TAS 2016
The Hon. De-Anne Kelly Member for Dawson (Qld), 1996–2007 QLD 1996
The Hon. Jackie Kelly Member for Lindsay (NSW), 1996–2007 NSW 1996
The Hon. Ros Kelly Member for Canberra (ACT), 1980–1995 ACT 1980
Senator the Hon. Kristina Keneally Senator for New South Wales, 2018– NSW 2018
Cheryl Kernot Senator for Queensland, 1990–1997 Member for Dickson (Qld), 1998–2001 QLD 1990
Madeleine King MP Member for Brand (WA), 2016– WA 2016
The Hon. Catherine King MP Member for Ballarat (Vic.), 2001– VIC 2001
Linda Kirk Senator for South Australia, 2002–2008 SA 2002
Senator Kimberley Kitching Senator for Victoria, 2016– VIC 2016
Susan Knowles Senator for Western Australia, 1985–2005 WA 1985
Helen Kroger Senator for Victoria, 2008–2014 VIC 2008
Susan Lamb MP Member for Longman (Qld), 2016–2018 Member for Longman (Qld), 2018– QLD 2016
Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania, 2014–2017 TAS 2014
Michelle Landry MP Member for Capricornia (Qld), 2013– QLD 2013
The Hon. Dr Carmen Lawrence Member for Fremantle (WA), 1994–2007 WA 1994
Meg Lees Senator for South Australia, 1990–2005 SA 1990
The Hon. Sussan Ley MP Member for Farrer (NSW), 2001– NSW 2001
Joanna Lindgren Senator for Queensland, 2015–2016 QLD 2015
Senator Sue Lines Senator for Western Australia, 2013– WA 2013
Kirsten Livermore Member for Capricornia (Qld), 1998–2013 QLD 1998
The Hon. Kate Lundy Senator for the Australian Capital Territory, 1996–2015 ACT 1996
The Hon. Dame Enid Lyons Member for Darwin (Tas.), 1943–1951 TAS 1943
The Hon. Alannah MacTiernan Member for Perth (WA), 2013–2016 WA 2013
Sue Mackay Senator for Tasmania, 1996–2005 TAS 1996
The Hon. Jenny Macklin MP Member for Jagajaga (Vic.), 1996– VIC 1996
Dee Margetts Senator for Western Australia, 1993–1999 WA 1993
Nola Marino MP Member for Forrest (WA), 2007– WA 2007
Louise Markus Member for Greenway (NSW) and Member for Macquarie (NSW), 2004–2016 NSW 2004
Margaret May Member for McPherson (Qld), 1998–2010 QLD 1998
Helen Mayer Member for Chisholm (Vic.), 1983–1987 VIC 1983
Senator Jenny McAllister Senator for New South Wales, 2015– NSW 2015
Emma McBride MP Member for Dobell (NSW), 2016– NSW 2016
Senator Malarndirri McCarthy Senator for the Northern Territory, 2016– NT 2016
Anne McEwen Senator for South Australia, 2005–2016 SA 2005
Jann McFarlane Member for Stirling (WA), 1998–2004 WA 1998
Cathy McGowan AO MP Member for Indi (Vic), 2013– VIC 2013
The Hon. Jeannette McHugh Member for Phillip (NSW) and Grayndler (NSW), 1983–1996 NSW 1983
Senator the Hon. Bridget McKenzie Senator for Victoria, 2011– VIC 2011
The Hon. Maxine McKew Member for Bennelong (NSW), 2007–2010 NSW 2007
The Hon. Jan McLucas Senator for Queensland, 1999–2016 QLD 1999
Karen McNamara Member for Dobell (NSW), 2013–2016 NSW 2013
Jean Melzer Senator for Victoria, 1974–1981 VIC 1974
Christine Milne Senator for Tasmania, 2005–2015 TAS 2005
Sophie Mirabella (formerly Panopoulos) Member for Indi (Vic.), 2001–2013 VIC 2001
Senator Claire Moore Senator for Queensland, 2002– QLD 2002
The Hon. Judi Moylan Member for Pearce (WA), 1993–2013 WA 1993
The Hon. Fiona Nash Senator for New South Wales, 2005–2017 NSW 2005
Belinda Neal Senator for New South Wales, 1994–1998 Member for Robertson (NSW), 2007–2010 NSW 1994
Kerry Nettle Senator for New South Wales, 2002–2008 NSW 2002
The Hon. Jocelyn Newman Senator for Tasmania, 1986–2002 TAS 1986
Clare O'Neil MP Member for Hotham (Vic), 2013– VIC 2013
Julie Owens MP Member for Parramatta (NSW), 2004– NSW 2004
The Hon. Michelle O’Byrne Member for Bass (Tas.), 1998–2004 TAS 1998
The Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer MP Member for Higgins (Vic.), 2009– VIC 2009
Senator Deborah O’Neill Member for Robertson (NSW), 2010–2013 Senator for New South Wales, 2013– NSW 2010
Cathy O’Toole MP Member for Herbert (Qld), 2016– QLD 2016
The Hon. Melissa Parke Member for Fremantle (WA), 2007–2016 WA 2007
The Hon. Dr Kay Patterson Senator for Victoria, 1987–2008 VIC 1987
Senator the Hon. Marise Payne Senator for New South Wales, 1997– NSW 1997
Nova Peris OAM Senator for the Northern Territory , 2013–2016 NT 2013
The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP Member for Sydney (NSW), 1998– NSW 1998
Senator Helen Polley Senator for Tasmania, 2005– TAS 2005
Janet Powell Senator for Victoria, 1986–1993 VIC 1986
Senator Louise Pratt Senator for Western Australia, 2008–2014 Senator for Western Australia, 2016– WA 2008
The Hon. Jane Prentice MP Member for Ryan (Qld), 2010– QLD 2010
The Hon. Melissa Price MP Member for Durack (WA), 2013– WA 2013
The Hon. Dame Annabelle Rankin Senator for Queensland, 1947–1971 QLD 1947
Kerry Rea Member for Bonner (Qld), 2007–2010 QLD 2007
The Hon. Margaret Reid Senator for the Australian Capital Territory, 1981–2003 ACT 1981
Senator the Hon. Linda Reynolds Senator for Western Australia, 2014– WA 2014
The Hon. Margaret Reynolds Senator for Queensland, 1983–1999 QLD 1983
Lee Rhiannon Senator for New South Wales, 2011–2018 NSW 2011
Senator Janet Rice Senator for Victoria, 2014– VIC 2014
The Hon. Amanda Rishworth MP Member for Kingston (SA), 2007– SA 2007
Agnes Robertson Senator for Western Australia, 1950–1962 WA 1950
Michelle Rowland MP Member for Greenway (NSW), 2010– NSW 2010
The Hon. Nicola Roxon Member for Gellibrand (Vic.), 1998–2013 VIC 1998
Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston Senator for South Australia, 2012– SA 2012
Joanne Ryan MP Member for Lalor (Vic), 2013– VIC 2013
The Hon. Susan Ryan Senator for the Australian Capital Territory, 1975–1988 ACT 1975
Janelle Saffin Member for Page (NSW), 2007–2013 NSW 2007
Fiona Scott Member for Lindsay (NSW), 2013–2016 NSW 2013
Rebekha Sharkie MP Member for Mayo (SA), 2016–2018 Member for Mayo (SA), 2018– SA 2016
Leonie Short Member for Ryan (Qld), 2001–2001 QLD 2001
Senator Rachel Siewert Senator for Western Australia, 2005– WA 2005
Senator the Hon. Lisa Singh Senator for Tasmania, 2011– TAS 2011
Silvia Smith Member for Bass (Tas.), 1993–1996 TAS 1993
Laura Smyth Member for La Trobe (Vic.), 2010–2013 VIC 2010
Karin Sowada Senator for New South Wales, 1991–1993 NSW 1991
Anne Stanley MP Member for Werriwa (NSW), 2016– NSW 2016
The Hon. Ursula Stephens Senator for New South Wales, 2002–2014 NSW 2002
Senator Amanda Stoker Senator for Queensland, 2018– QLD 2018
The Hon. Dr Sharman Stone Member for Murray (Vic.), 1996–2016 VIC 1996
Natasha Stott Despoja Senator for South Australia, 1995–2008 SA 1995
Ann Sudmalis MP Member for Gilmore (NSW), 2013– NSW 2013
The Hon. Kathy Sullivan (formerly Martin) Senator for Queensland, 1974–1984 Member for Moncrieff (Qld), 1984–2001 QLD 1974
Meryl Swanson MP Member for Paterson (NSW), 2016– NSW 2016
Karen Synon Senator for Victoria, 1997–1999 VIC 1997
Dame Dorothy Tangney Senator for Western Australia, 1943–1968 WA 1943
Susan Templeman MP Member for Macquarie (NSW), 2016– NSW 2016
The Hon. Lin Thorp Senator for Tasmania, 2012–2014 TAS 2012
The Hon. Judith Troeth Senator for Victoria, 1993–2011 VIC 1993
Senator Anne Urquhart Senator for Tasmania, 2011– TAS 2011
The Hon. Danna Vale Member for Hughes (NSW), 1996–2010 NSW 1996
Jo Vallentine Senator for Western Australia, 1985–1992 WA 1985
Maria Vamvakinou MP Member for Calwell (Vic.), 2001– VIC 2001
The Hon. Amanda Vanstone Senator for South Australia, 1985–2007 SA 1985
Shirley Walters Senator for Tasmania, 1975–1993 TAS 1975
Senator Larissa Waters Senator for Queensland, 2011–2017 Senator for Queensland, 2018– QLD 2011
Ruth Webber Senator for Western Australia, 2002–2008 WA 2002
Dame Ivy Wedgwood Senator for Victoria, 1950–1971 VIC 1950
Andrea West Member for Bowman (Qld), 1996–1998 QLD 1996
Sue West Senator for New South Wales, 1987–1987 Senator for New South Wales, 1990–2002 NSW 1987
Lucy Wicks MP Member for Robertson (NSW), 2013– NSW 2013
Senator the Hon. Penny Wong Senator for South Australia, 2002– SA 2002
The Hon. Trish Worth Member for Adelaide (SA), 1993–2004 SA 1993
Dana Wortley Senator for South Australia, 2005–2011 SA 2005
Penny Wright Senator for South Australia, 2011–2015 SA 2011
Olive Zakharov Senator for Victoria, 1983–1995 VIC 1983