The Hon. Jackie Kelly

Member for Lindsay (NSW)

LIB, 1996–2007

The Hon. Jackie Kelly had a false start in entering the House of Representatives as the Liberal Party member for Lindsay (NSW). She won at the 1996 general elections but was then disqualified for having an ‘office of profit under the Crown’ (Kelly was still a serving officer of the Royal Australian Air Force) and for holding New Zealand citizenship. After these matters were resolved, Kelly again won the seat at a by-election that same year, serving until 2007.

Kelly stated that she was motivated to join the Liberal Party in order to make political leaders aware of poor morale in the defence forces. Drawing from her past military service, she spoke on a wide range of defence personnel matters during her time in Parliament.

Kelly served as the Minister for Sport and Tourism (1998–2001) and worked to ensure that the tourism industry recovered quickly from the Ansett airlines collapse in 2001. As Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Sydney 2000 Games (1998–2001) she oversaw a range of measures to encourage international cooperation and to ensure the successful running of the event. After serving as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (2001–04) she left the ministry to focus on her ‘true loves of innovation and technology’, claiming to be the first person to use, and be removed from the chamber for using, a laptop computer in the House.

The Hon. Jackie Kelly.

Image courtesy of Auspic.