Kay Elson

Member for Forde (Qld)

LIB, 1996–2007

Kay Elson and family.

Image courtesy of Linda Pasfield Photography.

Kay Elson, a mother of eight, planned to enter federal politics when her youngest child reached the age of seventeen. Elson acted according to plan, and was preselected for the seat of Forde (Qld). Elson entered the House of Representatives as a Liberal member in 1996 and served until 2007, holding the position of Government Whip from 1998.

Elson supported legislation that implemented the Work for the Dole program, abolished compulsory student unionism and increased powers of the Australian Protective Service. She had a long-standing involvement with associations that assisted people with disabilities and spoke about the need for further government attention in this area. In the consideration of childcare legislation that would cap assistance for non-work related care, Elson applauded the exemption for families with children with disabilities. She strongly urged the introduction of disability standards for education.

Elson held deep ties to her community, often rising to speak at adjournment debates about the successes of the people of Forde in fundraising, sporting achievements and community contribution awards. Elson’s awareness and involvement in community affairs characterised her years in Parliament.