Trish Draper

Member for Makin (SA)

LIB, 1996–2007

Trish Draper was elected as the Liberal member for Makin (SA), serving in the House of Representatives from 1996 to 2007. Draper became involved in politics during her time as a mature-age student at the University of South Australia. When the then Labor government announced the closure of the Salisbury campus she coordinated the Save Salisbury Campus campaign. She later campaigned against the release of the controversial film Salò, with its strong sexual abuse and paedophilia themes.

During the 11 years of her term Draper persistently called for federal government intervention to combat paedophilia. Draper had a very public stance on the classification of film, television shows and video games, particularly in relation to the portrayal of violence and sexual exploitation. In 1999 she was criticised in the media for her campaign to limit the release of the film Lolita in Australia.

As a former nurse with the Australian Navy, Draper also had a keen interest in aged care services and health initiatives, often speaking on these subjects. Draper supported the Adelaide Crows AFL team and was often seen in Parliament House wearing the blue, red and yellow scarf.

Trish Draper speaking in the House.

Image courtesy of Auspic.