Brenda Gibbs

Senator for Queensland

ALP, 1996–2002

Australian Labor Party member Brenda Gibbs was elected to the Senate for the state of Queensland in 1996, a position she held until 2002.

Throughout her parliamentary career she campaigned for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, particularly people with disabilities. She drew attention to the needs of women, carers and sole parents and highlighted the effects the goods and services tax and workplace relations legislation would have on these sectors of the community. She also spoke out against the government’s asylum-seeker policy and expressed great concern at the level of poverty in Australia and its effects on communities and families.

Healthcare was another area of interest for Senator Gibbs especially doctor shortages, funding cuts, changes to Medicare and drug treatment facilities. She was an advocate of drug law reform, and was a supporter of supervised drug injection rooms, heroin trials and drug detoxification clinics.

Brenda Gibbs in her office at Parliament House.

Image courtesy of Auspic.