Andrea West

Member for Bowman (Qld)

LIB, 1996–1998

Andrea West became the Liberal member for Bowman (Qld) in the Howard Government’s first term, serving from 1996 to 1998. West was not expected to win the safe Labor seat of Bowman; however, a large swing to the Liberal Party allowed her to take her place in the House of Representatives.

West said her duty was ‘to safeguard the sanctity of the family’. She expressed concern about the breakdown of families and the resulting financial burden, especially that experienced by her constituents in their dealings with the Child Support Agency. She supported legislation to allow cost recovery for services provided by the Family Law Court of Australia. She defended child support legislation that would dramatically change the administration of the system and allow for greater flexibility in payment options. West also lent her voice to legislation to enable accommodation bonds for aged care homes.

Andrea West.

Image courtesy of Auspic.