Susan Jeanes

Member for Kingston (SA)

LIB, 1996–1998

Susan Jeanes was elected as the Member for Kingston (SA) for the Liberal Party in 1996. Prior to running for office, she was a policy adviser to the Shadow Minister for the Environment and the Shadow Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Christine Gallus.

In her first speech, Jeanes identified three main areas of interest: child welfare, family-friendly industrial relations policy and the environment. In 1996 she wrote a discussion paper pressing the need for a ‘commissioner for children’ and later spoke in the House, graphically describing the damaging effects of child abuse. She argued for the need for a flexible industrial relations policy that allowed parents with young children to participate in income earning. Jeanes also campaigned for greater awareness of the Australian environment and the impact of greenhouse gases and was outspoken on the need for Aboriginal reconciliation.

After serving in the federal parliament, Jeanes further pursued her interest in climate change and renewable energy as an adviser and industry lobbyist.

Susan Jeanes.

Image courtesy Auspic.