Elizabeth Grace

Member for Lilley (Qld)

LIB, 1996–1998

Elizabeth Grace was elected to Parliament for the seat of Lilley (Qld) in 1996 for the Liberal Party of Australia, serving for one term until 1998. At the time of her election she had lived in Lilley for 22 years and in her first speech spoke of the inner metropolitan seat’s assets and challenges: the Brisbane River, major airports, sea cargo facilities, light and heavy industry, and the horse-racing industry.

A primary school teacher for sixteen years before entering Parliament, Elizabeth Grace brought to her House debates a particular interest in youth, education and training, speaking also on health, the aged, palliative care, veterans’ affairs, and the challenges facing small business. She often took the opportunity during adjournment debates to read speeches by young people from her electorate to give voice to their concerns.

Elizabeth Grace.

Image courtesy of Auspic.