The Hon. Judi Moylan

Member for Pearce (WA)

LIB, 1993–2013

The Hon. Judi Moylan became the first Liberal woman from Western Australia to sit in the House of Representatives when she was elected as the Member for Pearce (WA) in 1993. Moylan entered Parliament on a small business platform after a career as a real estate company director. She described her time in Parliament as leading to a ‘road to Damascus’ conversion to social policy.

Between 1994 and 1996 Moylan served as the opposition spokesperson on small business and women’s affairs, writing the party’s election policies for both areas. In 1996 she became Minister for Family Services and introduced child care and residential aged care reforms. As Minister for the Status of Women (1997–98) Moylan announced initiatives on domestic violence, assistance to women in small business and a scheme to increase women on Commonwealth boards and agencies.

Moylan chaired the Public Works Committee (1998–2007) and established the parliamentary diabetes support group. Known for her vocal opposition to border protection policies, especially the detention of children, she crossed the floor in 2006 and 2012 to vote against legislation on the detention and processing of asylum seekers. In 2011, in response to constituent complaints, she unsuccessfully introduced a private member’s bill to require greater consultation over aircraft flight path changes. Moylan retired, after serving twenty years in Parliament, in 2013.

The Hon. Judi Moylan.

Image courtesy of Michael Bain.