Lucy Gichuhi

Senator for South Australia

IND; LIB, 2017–2019

Lucy Gichuhi.

Image courtesy of DPS Auspic.

A Kenyan-born lawyer and accountant, Lucy Gichuhi stood for an ‘unwinnable’ Senate position as a member of the Family First Party in the 2016 election; nine months later she was declared elected when the party’s other candidate was disqualified. She represented South Australia in the Senate first as an Independent, then as a member of the Liberal Party from 2018.

Gichuhi drew on her early life in her first speech to emphasise the value of education and freedom of choice, noting that ‘true poverty’ is ‘when a person is unable to freely choose their own destiny’. She related how as new migrants to Australia her family was determined to avoid ‘the welfare trap’, and expressed her conviction of the ‘dignity’ of ‘economic participation’. An opponent of corporate dependency, she argued against corporations using government incentives to remain profitable and in favour of assistance in the form of ‘better pricing of essential services’ and reduced rates of corporate tax.

An advocate of quality aged care services, Gichuhi expressed concern for the reduction of registered nurses in care facilities and called for a bipartisan approach to ensure the central place of senior Australians in ‘a civil and noble society’.