Emma Husar

Member for Lindsay (NSW)

ALP, 2016–2019

A resident of the electorate of Lindsay from birth, Emma Husar entered Parliament determined to ensure the needs of her community were a ‘first-order priority’.

Prior to her election, Husar worked as an events manager and political advisor. A member of the Penrith Council Access Committee, she fought to improve accessibility in her local community and in 2010 received the Penrith City Council Carer of the Year award. Raising a child with special needs was, in Husar’s words, ‘my lever for really getting started in politics’. In Parliament she was a member of the committee monitoring the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and repeatedly called for the scheme to be adequately funded and resourced.

In her first speech, Husar spoke of having endured domestic violence for ‘29 out of my 36 years’ and of her commitment to reform in this area, in particular improving support for children fleeing family violence. As a member of parliament she used her own experience to break down stigma attached to being a victim of domestic violence, saying ‘too often we rattle off statistics and speak as policymakers about the nation's greatest shame but rarely speak as experienced survivors’.

Emma Husar.

Image courtesy of DPS Auspic.