Susan Lamb

Member for Longman (Qld)

ALP, 2016–2018

Member for Longman (Qld)

ALP, 2018–2019

Susan Lamb entered Parliament vowing to be guided by fairness and compassion, saying ‘I have stood by these values my entire life’. A former teacher aide and trade union organiser, Lamb regarded education as ‘key to a future filled with opportunity’, arguing children ‘regardless of their postcodes or catchment areas’ have the right to a good education.

Lamb served on the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training, including as deputy chair, and was critical of cutbacks to education, particularly preschool programs. She pushed for wage increases, especially for low-income earners—among them early childhood educators she represented as a trade unionist—and decried government cuts to weekend penalty rates.

In a plea for equality during the same-sex marriage bill debate, Lamb shared her son’s experience, saying ‘Each of his [three] brothers have grown up with the right to marry the person they happened to fall in love with … but he has been denied this right’.

Lamb resigned in May 2018 after a High Court ruling indicated she was ineligible to stand for Parliament as she had not fully renounced her UK citizenship. She won the subsequent Longman by-election, but lost the seat at the 2019 federal election nine months later.

Susan Lamb.

Image courtesy of DPS Auspic.