The Hon. Jane Prentice

Member for Ryan (Qld)

LIB, 2010–2019

With views and experiences formed ‘at the coalface of business’, Jane Prentice served for a decade on the Brisbane City Council before entering the Parliament in 2010 to represent the electorate of Ryan in Brisbane’s west.

In her first speech she outlined her vision for socially and technologically connected urban communities with growth informed by a long-term ‘city driven infrastructure plan’ and a minister for cities. She pursued these interests as a member and chair of the Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, delivering a report on infrastructure planning and procurement.

In July 2016 Prentice was appointed Assistant Minister for Disability, with responsibility for managing the operational side of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). She spoke repeatedly on the job and market opportunities arising from the expansion of the NDIS and emphasised the need for adequate funding to carry out its ‘life-changing’ work.

Prentice took a close interest in the Pacific region and the needs of defence force personnel, describing veterans as ‘one of the single most deserving groups within Australia today’. In 2014 she made history by tabling the Commonwealth Parliament’s largest petition—with over 1.2 million signatures supporting community pharmacies—and delivering the first speech in sign language.

The Hon. Jane Prentice.

Image courtesy of Auspic.