Mary Jo Fisher

Senator for South Australia

LIB, 2007–2012

Mary Jo Fisher was appointed by the South Australian Parliament in 2007 as a Liberal Party senator for South Australia. She entered Parliament having previously worked as a senior policy adviser to two federal ministers for workplace relations and her continued interest in workplace issues was evident throughout her parliamentary career. With a background that was heavily influenced by her time spent in the farming industry she spoke often of her dedication to rural and regional Australia, primary producers and water issues, especially in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Senator Fisher further pursued her interests through her committee work and was an active member of a number of Senate and joint committees, where she was renowned for her tenacity in committee hearings. This was particularly notable in her time as chair of the Senate Environment, Communications and the Arts References Committee during the inquiry into the Home Insulation Program and as chair of the Senate inquiry into the National Broadband Network.

After five years as a senator, Fisher resigned in August 2012. She was remembered by her colleagues for having revelled in legislative debate and left the Senate affirming that she had never wavered from her determination to do what she could to help people ‘build better lives’.

Mary-Jo Fisher.

Image courtesy of Auspic.