Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

GRN, 2002–2008

Kerry Nettle.

Image courtesy of Kerry Nettle.

Environmental activist and Australian Greens party member Kerry Nettle was elected as a senator for New South Wales in 2002. Up until her term ended in 2008 she remained dedicated towards achieving social and economic justice, peace and ecological sustainability.

Senator Nettle was opposed to the war in Iraq and campaigned for the release of Australian citizens from Guantanamo Bay. She was also committed to achieving peace in the Middle East and advocated on behalf of refugees arriving in Australia. Her stance against mandatory detention was highlighted by her efforts to seek justice for the unlawful detention of Cornelia Rau and her proposals to amend the Migration Act 1958.

Nettle supported public ownership of essential services and fought to increase funding for public schools and the public health system. She was also concerned about the effects of global warming and the possibility of ‘climate refugees’, and urged the government to adopt renewable energy technology instead of relying on the coal industry. She also supported legislation that gave women reproductive choice and proposed amendments to the Marriage Act 1961 to recognise same-sex marriage.