Claire Moore

Senator for Queensland

ALP, 2002–2019

Claire Moore was elected to the Senate after more than a decade in the Commonwealth Public Service and seven years as Branch Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union. On retiring after 17 years in the Senate, she described herself as ‘a public servant my whole working life’.

Moore was a strong voice for equality and social justice and championed the public sector as crucial to improving the lives of Australians. A founding member of EMILY’s List Australia, she pushed for greater representation of women in Parliament to better reflect the community. In 2006 she and three other female senators co-sponsored a cross-party bill improving access to the abortion drug RU486.

Moore held various shadow ministry positions however her greatest achievements were in committees. She worked on a number of landmark inquiries, particularly those on mental health, gynaecological cancer, forced adoption practices and the treatment of children in institutional care, which resulted in comprehensive policy changes, redress schemes and national apologies.

Known for her advocacy on tackling Indigenous disadvantage, Moore served on several inquiries into issues affecting Indigenous Australians. Moore regarded the committee system as ‘the heart of our Senate’, singling out the ‘extraordinary opportunities to hear from people who care deeply about issues which affect them’ as key to its success.

Claire Moore.

Image courtesy of the Australian Labor Party.