Sharryn Jackson

Member for Hasluck (WA)

ALP, 2001–2004

Member for Hasluck (WA)

ALP, 2007–2010

Sharryn Jackson served two separate terms (2001–04; 2007–10) as the Australian Labor Party member for Hasluck (WA). Jackson had a long-standing commitment to championing equality for women. While she supported legislation to remove discrimination against pregnant women in the workforce, she argued that the legislation was not strong enough.

As chair of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment and Workplace Relations, Jackson tabled a report into pay equity and associated issues related to increasing female participation in the workforce, titled Making it fair (2009). She drew on this report to campaign for fair wages for men and women in the same occupation and for flexible work arrangements for women returning to work after having children. Further to this, Jackson strongly supported legislation to introduce paid parental leave as a first step in creating a work culture that provides leave options to new parents.

Jackson is also noted for drawing to the attention of Parliament a threat to the iconic Australian ‘Ugg’ boots. When a US corporation acquired an Australian company and the trademark, many Australian businesses were at risk of legal action for using the term ‘Ugg’ to describe sheepskin boots. Jackson actively campaigned on behalf of Australian companies; ‘Ugg’ boot is now a protected term in Australia.

Sharryn Jackson.

Image courtesy of the Midland Reporter.